My name is Bram, and I am Dutch. I have always loved many different kinds of music, but in the past decades I became especially interested in Latin, Caribbean and World music. But I was always working very hard in my career as a scientist, and never played any instrument myself, until was nearly entering ´la tercera edad´. I learned to play the conga´s, and later the bongos, and I love the sounds of these instruments. When I was playing at a jam session in the Jalon valley, one of the musicians suggested that I would fit well in the Poco Loco Band. I contacted the leader, and a couple of weeks later I was playing with the band! I try to incorporate a variety of Latin rhythms in our music. I love our live performances, seeing how it cheers people up and how gets them dancing.

I also have a strong interest in ´cross-over´ or fusion music. Therefore, I took a few years ago the initiative to combine our beautiful steel-drum sound with  that of pop music, including a vocal part. That resulted in the CD Steelin´ Pop, by Enrico Garcia and the Mezclado Band, on which five members of our band play.

“Poco Loco Steel Pan Band played for us at a private party. The filled the event with beautiful music and got everyone dancing"

– Ayden Johnson


“I love them. I will definitely recommend Poco Loco Steel Pan Band to my friends and family.”

–  Liam Ansley


“I am so oooo bloomin excited!!!!! Watched your videos and think your all fab. Can't wait for the next gig"

– Keith Gates



email: Calpe, Spain

 Linda +34.665 15 98 55 (English/Spanish)

Verena (German/French/Spanish)+34. 666 89 56 75

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Our Players

Our Story

My name is Jacinta. I'm from Holland and I have been playing for 12 years in the band. 

I play the double guitar which plays the off beat and other bass lines in the music.

Our group is great because we are totally international.

Customer Raves

Hi, my name is Linda and I have been playing with the band for about 7 years now. 

I started playing double guitar but then got moved onto the Melody Pan.

I love playing this music and being in this group. It brings a smile to my face when we all get together and create magic.

For about two years now I have been leading the group.

Hi I'm Miquel and I'm from Teulada. I joined up with Poco Loco after hearing them practice in a local park near my house. It was such an interesting and different sound that I had to go down and investigate what instrument was being played. I had never seen or even heard of the steelpan!!

I love playing with the band and we have lot's of fun together.

I'm Maja, born in Switzerland and I live here in Spain since 5 years. I play the tenor pan. I met the Poco Loco band in 2014 for the first time. I knew the steelpan music from my holiday in the Carribean. I was fascinated by the players and the pieces they were playing. When Verena asked me in January 2016 if I want to join  the group, I gave it a try, even though I did not have any experiences. It was one of the best decisions I ever took. 

My name is Peter and I was born in London probably when the first steel bands started to play there in the 1950s. When I started teaching in 1974 in a school near Brixton, a part of London with a large Caribbean community there was a very successful steel band programme for the students but unfortunately not for teachers. I had to wait a few more years,47 in fact to start. I have been so lucky to now join Pocoloco Steel Band now and have at last realised my dream of playing the Steel Drums. I have been welcomed into the band and enjoy playing with a very friendly and encouraging group.


This steel band was founded in 1989 by a Swiss woman and since then I am there. I led the group for about 12 years.
Until 2016 I played Melody and now I'm a bassist and I still enjoy it. *this music and the band is my baby. I am the life and soul of the band!

I'm Swiss and music and dance are somehow part of my life. Years ago, during a holiday in Guadeloupe. I danced with enthusiasm to Steelmusic. One day a Linedance friend asked me,if I would like to play Steeldrums, she was looking for a successor. The loco player's persuaded me to come to the next rehearsal. That's how my career as a double second player started, 7 years ago!

Playing along with the Poco Locos has given me a dream come true and my life has changed positively.  

Poco Loco Steel Pan Band got started a very long time ago. Over the years we have seen band members come and go. We are now a solid group that have been playing together for the last 6 years. 

Our main aim is the enjoy the music we are playing. We get together twice a week to rehearse new songs and continue progressing forward.

Our members come from; Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Trinidad, Spain and England. We are constantly looking to grow, so if you are interested in joining us then please contact us privately. You don't need experience playing music but a passion of music would help!

When I was 15 I discovered jazz and started to play saxophone with a small combo. Besides of studying architecture and interior- and industrial design I was lucky to have good musicians on my side, some professonals while I was self-daught. I played on concerts in Germany, Norway and Brazil. For business reasons I had to stop my "musician carreer. Many years later I met Verena and joined the poco loco steelband. A percussionist was needed, and I had some experience with bongos and conga drums.
Frank (born 1932 in Berlin)

Music made by "teamwork" is something else than "artificial music" made by a single person using electronic devices. Tunes and rhythms created with music-instruments can transport much more feeling for the players and the listeners. And especially for jazz and relative kinds of music counts one fact: Origin and nationality of the musicians have no importance.

We have a common sense of feeling and aim to realize and enjoy the music they like. Let´s do it !  (Must not be perfect)